Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Last of the Mohicans

So, I guess I am taking personal requests now. I was on the phone with my brother Joe and he asked me to review Last of the Mohicans. I said sure with out knowing how difficult it would be just to get the movie; 3 libraries and 45 minutes later I finally got my hands on it, besides who wants to watch the BBC version?!

Over all I thought the movie was ok. It was like watching Braveheart and the Patriot with less violence. I thought Inglorious Basterds was the first movie that showed an actual scalping but I was wrong. If you sneak a peak at this movie, you will get to witness a scalping, whoo hooo!

Daniel Day Lewis plays Hawkeye, a fur trapper who ends up helping a British Officer transport the daughters of a General to reunite them during the French and Indian War. (Why is called the French and Indian war when they both lost?) Of course, a love story develops between the eldest daughter and Hawkeye as well as a more subtle love story between the youngest daughter and Hawkeye's brother. There are some great battle scenes and beautiful scenery of the early Adirondack Days. You thought Albany is a small city today, wait until you see it in 1757. You also follow another Indian who is out seeking revenge on Colonel Munro due to the death of his family. Overall it is a pretty good film, if you liked the Patriot or Braveheart, you will definitely like watching The Last of the Mohicans. You can check out the trailer under the trailers page.

Besides the obvious love story and the sacrifices one might make for one's true love, I wanted to focus on a more subtle subject and that is the subject of Adoption. Hawkeye was adopted by a Mohican fur trapper and you could tell that Hawkeye had completely assimilated into his new surrounding.
As followers of Christ, we are adopted as sons and daughters into the Family of God. We are accepted as we are in our imperfections. When I think of those who are adopted, it is usually under rough circumstances, un-planned pregnancy, unable to provide a stable home, unable to provide general necessities, or possibly the parent feels they are incapable to raise the child as they should. I can only imagine how those circumstances affect the adopted child as they grow up under the knowledge of their adoption; feelings of abandonment, rejection, crisis with identity, anger, hopelessness, and fear. No matter what our family situation is, God is our only True Father. He does not abandon, he does not abuse, he does not disappoint, he does not lie, he does not let us down. Even I have to realize that I will let my own children down and bring disappointment in their lives but I pray that they will one day know Jesus and call him Abba Father. No matter how far we have walked away, Christ waits with open arms. No amount of shame or fear can keep us from Christ, we just have to confess our sin and ask for forgiveness found in Christ alone.


  1. This is one of my favorite movies....we own it, and the soundtrack.I totally agree with you on adoption , we are all in need of being adopted as the sons and daughters of God, and only He can love us perfectly.

    I am going to put your blog in my sidebar Kevin, come check it out! love, Aunt Kathy

    p.s. You really must view Babette's Feast!

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