Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ironman 2 was a BLAST!

A big thank you to my sister in law who thought it would be a great idea to watch the kids during mother's day weekend!! Whooo hooo! Free night means movie night! I suggested Ironman 2 and some other options, like "Date Night," but I think my wife knew I really wanted to watch Ironman 2.
I figured it was going to be as good as any sequel is, except for maybe "Bourne Supremacy" or "LOTR: Two Towers," but I was pleasantly surprised! More for the fact that my wife said she liked it and that she stayed awake! "But wait, there's more!" I was very happy to see Cheadle co-starring, I am a big Cheadle fan! Loved "Hotel Rwanda", "Talk to Me", "Reign Over Me", and "Traitor."
Ironman 2 follows up Stark's announcment that he is Ironman and that it is because of his efforts that there has been peace. He also states that there is no other tech out there close to what he has developed, and guess what, he's wrong...So Stark is fighting on a couple of fronts: 1. He has a new nemisis 2. His health is failing due to a toxic core 3. He is fighting to maintain his reputation. I will stop there so you can enjoy the movie if you havent seen it.
Overall, the movie was enterataining, Mickey Rourke played a believable Russian Thug Scientist, but I felt that the ending was abrupt, which by the way was my wifes favorite part. I would recommend seeing it in the theater if you can.
Oh by the way, I have been annoyed with having to carry around one dollar bills , so thank you Regal Cinemas for raising your prices to an even $10 so I don't need to carry any bills for change. Bills are so heavy and make so much noise when I put them in my pocket, just so annoying...geesh.
One thing in Ironman I wanted to further discuss was a scene where Stark is testifying in a Congressional hearing because the US government is trying to get his technology. Rebutting comments made by a legislator, Stark goes on boasting about how great he is, how he alone has helped maintain international peace, and how he is just so great. Peace, everyone wants peace and people want world peace, but peace can't be established by personkind. There is no hero among us who can unite the nations. Peace, true peace can only be found in one place. I love the bumper sticker, No Jesus, No Peace! Know Jesus, Know Peace!